Pripa Vineyards
the vine grows deep rooted in history

At Pripa Winery the vines grow deep rooted in history

This particular story begins on a piece of land located in Purcari commune, Republic of Moldova, around 1840. Pripa vineyards, comprise a total of 17.5 ha situated on a southwest exposure hill, part of the Hamza Valley. We recently returned to this land genuine vine spices that have grown in this area since the nineteenth century — Feteasca Neagra and Rara Neagra, but also planted vines of Merlot, Saperavi, Feteasca Alba and Feteasca Regala.

The stone at the very foundation of this wine is old and heavy.

The wine is, however, new. First grapes were harvested in 2016. From this harvest was produced the first experimental wine, bottled in a very limited edition series.

A total 246.7 m2 surface, created to preserve wine and history

Here we have discovered one of the first wine cellars in the region — a unique architectural piece for Moldova. The 6 meters high walls, raise stone by stone up to the ceiling, and comprise a total 246.7 m2 surface, created to preserve wine and history. The documents found in the archives show that it was owned by the Klotz family until the beginning of the 20th century. The cellar served as the main inspiration for writing a new chapter for the vineyards, today known by the name of Pripa.